Smoked Salmon Platter

A Smoked Salmon Patter has always been a staple at family gatherings. We always start with a fresh (typically organic) whole side of smoked salmon; staging it at the center of a large platter. Over the years we have discovered that laying it flat onto the platter is the best and easiest way to go (as lettuce, kale and other “decorative” greens under and around the salmon make it difficult for the people to pull the thin layers of salmon appart.

The topping options for the salmon are plentiful. We love the following and have become the standard selections:

- finely chopped hard boiled eggs
- thinly sliced tomato
- finely diced red onion
- red horseradish sauce (homemade is even better)
- capers
- sour cream

Put a slice of smoked salmon on your plate and decorate with the toppings of your choosing. Then simply roll up (like a wrap) and enjoy!